Based on rear engine riding mower reviews, in winter such devices can be used to clear a garden territory of snow. Get a green alternative to a traditional riding lawn mower with the RYOBI 48-Volt Riding Lawn Mower. Instead of traditional gas it is powered with 100Ah lead acid batteries that offer two and a half hours of run time.

You must also remember that riding lawn mowers for hills can’t be too heavy as it will cause a bit of trouble when you’re maneuvering on hilly terrains. You don’t have to resort to poring through used riding lawn mowers descriptions in order to find an inexpensive option. The Troy Bilt Pony 42 inch Riding Mower is the perfect choice. The transmission on this mower makes it easy to shift quickly without having to worry about your clutch. The mower can be used with the reverse feature if necessary and the rear hitch lets you put on lightweight attachments or even tow light carts. At only 30 inches wide, this riding lawn mower is easy to fit into most storage areas.

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If you’re going to store your machine outside of the tool shed or garage, then a cover is an essential weather guard to prevent damage and corrosion to your lawnmower. A riding lawnmower is an expensive piece of gardening equipment. rear engine riding lawn mowers Therefore, you need to make sure you have the right model to meet your gardening needs. In this section, we’ll look at a few frequently asked questions to give you further insight when selecting your ideal machine.

As you see in our riding lawn mower ratings, the best rear engine riding mower differs from a usual tractor and simple grass cutters in technical characteristics. Our main goal at homemakerguide was to choose the best among the three reviewed. So, Troy-Bilt Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower 382cc is the winner among top-rated rear engine riding mowers. It easily digs up the ground, harvests hay, and irrigates crops. And thanks to its maneuverability, it is possible to overcome obstacles very easy. For example, to cultivate the soil, you will need a sprayer.

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Using such a machine, it is possible to fertilize the soil, carry out aeration work, and perform other actions. A large selection of attachments will allow using a rear engine lawn tractor to mow the grass, to spend the hilling of plants, to organize the care of berries. This technique will be an excellent assistant in the harvest period, as it allows mechanizing the harvesting process of potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the use of such garden tractors, it is possible to significantly reduce the collection time, as well as reduce costs in comparison with manual harvesting methods. Before the winter cold with these machines, it will be much easier to remove the remains of the tops, grass, garbage, and chop the branches after pruning trees.

rear engine riding lawn mowers

Moving on, the transmission and clutch both feel a bit twitchy although I believe this will calm down over time. Another potential problem you may face in its lifetime is the oil filter which tends to come with a tiny, but that a conventional car wrench can’t tighten it. As for the sensors on the deck, they can get a bit jarred with a bump causing the ignition to switch off. The first time this happened to me I was flabbergasted since everything seemed fine. It wasn’t until a dive into the exhaustive manual of the Craftsman 420cc rear riding mower that I figured out this problem.

Besides performing better, modern mowers are safer, stronger, more comfortable, and a lot easier on the environment. To appreciate the state of lawn-care technology in the ’70s, think back to how a freshly mowed lawn from that decade looked. Whether cut with a mower or a riding tractor, chances are it was done in a straight pattern, the rows marked in clippings that missed the bag. Tractors like the one pictured here, besides being more polluting and harder to maneuver than today’s models, had about half the horsepower and none of the creature comforts.

  • The top-quality design and construction of this mower ensure it lasts a lifetime if you keep up with seasonal maintenance.
  • Some mowers come with the attachments, which helps improve the value of the mower, while others can be purchased separately.
  • Since then the Snapper brand name has been added to products such as weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, among others.
  • With an automatic model, you don’t need to go to the hassle of shifting when turning or moving the machine around obstacles.
  • The Ryobi RY48110 features a powerful electric motor that runs on lithium-ion battery packs.

Not all models come with a chute because the decks are so small that a closed mulching deck is sufficient. Snapper, Inc. was an American company, formerly based in McDonough, Georgia, that manufactured residential and rear engine riding lawn mowers professional lawn-care and snow-removal equipment. Tomorrow’s lawn care equipment won’t just be different — it may be obsolete. That’s because geneticists are working on „no-growth“ grasses that never need cutting.

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Manual transmissions on a riding lawnmower are similar to that which you find in your car. Manual transmissions are cheaper to produce, and drive down the costs of the machine, lowering the price tag. The riding lawnmower also comes with a transmission, similar to your car. There are three types of transmissions available, suitable for gas-powered and electric models. Let’s unpack the differences between these three transmission types. 19-1/4 to 42-1/2 INCHES WHEEL SPAN – With the adjustable wheel span, it fits on most zero turn garden tractors, riding mowers, ATVs, and even push mowers.

rear engine riding lawn mowers

Most gas-powered riding lawn mowers have transmissions that have two or more gears. The trend in riding lawn mowers is to put the shifter on the floor of the mower. All you need to do is press the shifter down to change gears or direction. The Ryobi electric rear-engine riding lawn mower removes petroleum fuel from the process. The 48-volt mower uses 100Ah batteries and runs for 2.5 hours on a full charge.

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rear engine riding lawn mowers

This machine offers a precise cut for your lawn, and there’s no chance of you scalping any high-spots. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a riding lawn mower. It features a brushless motor for optimal performance and superior power. The fully charged battery gives up to 2.5 hours runtime and covers up to 2.5 acres.

It simply looks and feels good and makes no bones about the fact that when it’s time to cut that small to medium lawn, that someone is going to do it in style. deck features a deep cutting design, is welded instead of stamped, allows for consistent air-flow, and cuts down on chassis flex. If you are looking for a fun rear engine riding lawn mowers little riding mower, this one may be for you. User Friendly ControlsAt-your-fingertip controls and foot pedal operation make Snapper’s rear engine rider simple and comfortable to drive. Briggs & Stratton® Intek™ EnginePro level construction and OHV dependability means this mower will be cutting for years to come.


20 Inch Compact Countertop Microwave Oven is mighty in size. Make sure to look at the reviews posted here as well as those online. Others have some challenges with how steep the slope may be. The Snapper 360z 42 Inch Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is an enormous step up from your standard walk-behind lawn mower. This machine is commercially inspired but never feels like it during operation. This is one small riding lawn more that makes mowing as efficient and convenient as possible.

As mentioned above, rear-engine mowers are generally less expensive as they are smaller in size and equipped with functions that only suit up to the medium-sized property. Aside from that, mowers with larger back wheels can give additional power to climb up hills and steep slopes without any hassle. The speed range function that it provides is remarkably faster than those with larger front wheel lawn mowers. In this list, we included zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors for hills that have impressive rear-wheel functions. This means that the back tires are designed larger than the front tires. Although considered more expensive, this kind of mower is suitable for bumpy surfaces, which you will likely encounter when mowing a hill or slope.

Author: Kay Burton